Friday, August 7, 2009

In your opinion, what is better – a live band or a dj?

Sarah: Live bands at weddings are pretty sweet, one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to had a calypso band with a brass section. Amazing.

Megan : I've never been to a wedding with a live band, always just a dj

Brittany: I’m a fan of bands.

Megan : I’d be afraid of getting the wrong kind of musician…I mean I wouldn’t want a wedding singer type of band. Or would I?

Brittany: I like bands better. You may not have as big an array of music, but you can’t beat the sound of live music. It’s also a lot easier to get your guests amped with the real thing in front of them, rather than a few speakers and a play list.
Plus, you still have the opportunity to play recorded music when they’re on break, so you can get your different music in at that time.

Megan: but would they do the introductions and all the extra things that the dj's do? Can you depend on them to get the crowd going outside of the music?

Brittany: I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that of them, I mean, they are performers. But you can also have a family friend that has good stage presence be the emcee. It adds something really special when that is coming from someone you know and trust. That's what they did at my sister’s wedding and it worked out great.

Sarah: yeah, but they're a lot more expensive and a lot of venues can't handle live bands; they take up a ton of space, and they require bunches of electricity.

Megan: yeah i know my venue can't handle a live band

Sarah: Mine can’t either

Brittany: Yeah I suppose it would have to be a good size hall.

Sarah: if everything could fall into place just right, like, if you knew a band that you liked, and the venue could handle it, then go for it, it's a better move for sure. But I don't' think it's something to go crazy over. I mean, no one is going to fault you for having a DJ

Megan: I’m having a DJ at my wedding!

Sarah: Oh…well.. I actually might fault you, Megan, but only because I want to.

Megan: Ok, fine. You’re not getting a gift when you come to my wedding then.

Sarah: and you're not getting a gift when I come to your wedding, either!

Megan : oh shoot

Brittany: and... I'm not bringing a gift…either

Megan: good one.

Sarah: Anyways…what were we talking about? Oh right. I think we were transitioning into DJ’s…of course they can be super cheesy

Brittany: you just have to lay down the law with them, tell them what it’s ok to say, what it’s not ok to say. Try to give them a vibe of how you want your wedding to feel. And don’t be afraid to give them some of your own music to play.

Sarah: yeah, no one will fault you for having a dj, but everyone will fault you for having a dj that plays the electric slide

Megan: and sometimes they can just have really bad timing

Sarah: but still better timing then an ipod

Brittany: Ladies, final verdicts?

Sarah: DJ

Megan: DJ

Brittany: You guys don't know what you're missing, live band.

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