Monday, August 24, 2009

“My family has a lot of younger children. What are some good ways to entertain them and ensure everyone has a good time?”

Megan: My head is screaming “Craft time! Craft time!” but maybe that’s just the babysitter in me.

Sarah: Okay, so putting together a craft table would be a really cute idea. You’d have to be really careful with what kinds of crafts you get, though.
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Brittany: Yeah, because even crayons could be bad. You could use those Crayola markers that only write on special paper. I think they’re called Color Wonder.

Megan: I agree. No glitter, no glue, no crap that will end up on your wedding dress, the walls of the hall, or the tablecloths you’re renting.

Sarah: What about assigning the kids “jobs that will be fun but also entertain them and give them a sense of purpose. Maybe give them digital cameras or disposable cameras and asking them to take pictures around the reception.

Brittany: What about hiring a balloon artist? They can come pretty cheap and work off tips. You could drop $50-100 and you have kids and drunk adults entertained for hours.

Megan: I saw some really cute programs once before. The wedding was outside, so the girl had glued popsicle sticks to her programs to make them into fans, and had a puzzle on the back of the program. On the bottom of the popsicle stick, she had drilled a hole for a string that attached a golf pencil.

You can put a wrestling pit in there and all the unruly kids can go duke it out.

Brittany: You could order kid food too, which will end up being cheaper than serving them what everyone else is eating. Some chicken nuggets, some macaroni and cheese, and maybe a hot dog and you’ll be their new favorite person. Also, if your budget is a little bigger, you could see if the hall you’re renting has a smaller room where the kids can stay with a babysitter or two, and hire a poor college student.

Megan: My vote is still for a craft table with wedding-dress appropriate crafts and kid food. And maybe if you have a 15 year old cousin or know of a poor kid in college, you could pay them to watch the table.

Sarah: I would’ve gone for a gig like that back in college.

Megan: I would did a gig like that now.

Brittany: Hint-hint, people getting married near us.

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